About me

I live in San Francisco. I’m married and I have a son in college.

I was born in Southern California; I grew up in Nebraska. For two years, we lived on a farm and I went to a one-room country school. District 32. We had eight grades and one teacher.

I joined the Marines right out of high school. I made sergeant in less than three years. I spent time in the desert, in Okinawa and two tours aboard amphibious ships cruising the Mediterranean.

I studied Journalism and Spanish literature at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

I worked as a reporter, then as a supervising editor and then returned to reporting throughout the 25 years I spent in the newspaper business.

I have always placed more value on experiences than on material possessions. In the Marines, as a reporter, I saw a lot of weird shit. It probably messed me up psychologically, but I’ve had a good time.

I shave my head.

I need reading glasses.