My Resume

My work history is a bit checkered over the last five years. I loved working at newspapers because I could indulge my love of writing with my curiosity about the world. Since the death of the newspaper industry, I have wandered about, trying to find out where I fit it.

I know I am a good manager of people. I care about the people work for me and instill a great sense of loyalty in them. I am calm in storm, demanding of quality and professional at all times. I believe these qualities would serve me well in any management position.

I’m also still writing and editing, and would love to find another home where my reporting skills might be of use.

Work Experience

2009-2015: Independent television producer, freelance writer, driver

I lump all these together because they are things I have done for money, but without having a specific job attached to them.

I worked for two years with a New York City production company trying to develop a Reality TV show about the San Francisco Police Department. It is still in development.

I am working on a book about gays in the military.

I drive for Uber and Lyft. It’s not glamorous but it pays the bills.

2011-2013: Assistant general manager, The Hustler Club, San Francisco

I handled day-to-day operations of the club, including hiring, scheduling, security and special events. When I arrived, I found a club plagued by poor management, an influx of drug dealers and pimps and dwindling revenues. I threw out the bad element, hired new staff and new performers and set a standard that led the club to the number two spot among San Francisco’s gentlemen’s clubs. Revenues increased by more than 50 percent under my watch, and lawsuits, credit card charge-backs and complaints dried up to nearly nothing.

Working at a strip club is controversial. I didn’t tell my mother for three months after I started working there. People understandably have a wide variety of opinions on the industry. My feeling was that exotic dancers will work, and the best I could do was provide a clean, well-run place for them to ply their trade. Everyone who worked for me was treated with respect and professionalism.

As a journalist, I found a treasure trove of experiences and stories that I hope to tell in print one day.

2002-2009: Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle

General assignment reporter specializing in news features. I wrote breaking news stories but my forte was in writing features off the news and humanizing it. In addition, I focused on issues involving veterans and the military.

Projects and stories of note include:

2003, 2004, 2007: Three trips to Iraq to cover the war. I was an embedded reporter with a Marine infantry battalion during the invasion of Iraq. I was with the first Marines to enter Baghdad and as there when the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled.

I returned in 2004 to write about reconstruction, or lack of it, and again in 2007 to look at the development of the Iraqi army and police.

2009: I conducted a six-month investigation uncovering the life of a woman found murdered in the Central Valley in 1971. I tracked her movements during the last year of her life and placed her at an attack in San Francisco the resulted in the murder of a San Francisco police sergeant.

2008: I was part of a team of reporters looking at the high number of suicides off the Golden Gate Bridge. My job was to write about death. I spent time with Marine County Coroner investigators determining identification and cause of death of jumpers.

2007: I spent the better part of a year riding with the San Francisco police for a series called “The Badge.” The purpose was to look at cops from a more intimate angle and get to know them. The series helped bridge a gap between the newspaper and the police department that had been festering for years.

1998-2002: Morning Metro Editor, San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle

The San Francisco Examiner was an afternoon paper and as such my job was to make sure the paper had the latest, best stories from around the world. Sometimes that meant assigning a reporter to work a story from scratch, other times we made fixes and updates to stories from the previous day. Work was a pressure cooker every day, with changes often made just seconds before the paper went to press.

When the Examiner bought the morning Chronicle in 2000, the new paper continued to have an afternoon edition, called Chronicle PM, for about a year.

1997-1998: Night Metro Editor, San Francisco Examiner

I worked the night desk shift for the afternoon Examiner. That meant monitoring the wires and TV news for breaking stories, assigning reporters to spot news items and editing 90 percent of all daily stories slated for the next day’s edition. The job required a steady hand for breaking news and solid editing skills for dealing with a dozen different writers in a single day.

1995-1997: Assistant City Editor, Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Cal.

1990-1995: Staff Writer, Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Cal.

1986-1990: Staff Writer, Omaha World Herald, Omaha, Neb.

1985-1986: Staff Writer, Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, Fla.


  1. Bachelor of Journalism. University of Nebraska. Second major in Spanish Literature.
  2. Master of Arts, creative writing. University of San Francisco.

Other Notable

Published author: “McCoy’s Marines: Darkside to Baghdad” a first-person account of the war in Iraq.

Two-time Pulitzer nominee

Finalist, 2005, PEN award for literary journalism.

2004, Outstanding Alumni Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Journalism.

Other qualifications

Conversant in Spanish.

Veteran. Served four years in the Marines. Honorable discharge at rank of sergeant. Rifle and pistol expert.